“Everything is in motion. That is what I want to make tangible with my work and constantly remind us of.”


Artist Eva Hendriks (NL) creates large wall works that you want to touch. Tactile works that arise from her curiosity about the typical properties of natural materials.

Eva uses raw materials she knows from construction, the world that surrounded her when she once started as a property developer. Now, materials that normally serve as raw materials take a leading role with Hendriks. Plaster, wood, steel and sand come to life in elegant works that express both strength and fragility.

Not afraid to make mistakes, she experiments with techniques she learnt during her many years abroad. There, in metropolises like Shanghai and Bangkok, she discovered how to find peace by focusing on details. These experiences have made her a strong observer.

You recognize this quality in her work. She shows us the essence of materials in minimalist artworks that interact with their surroundings. You keep looking because there is always movement, due to changes in light, and in your own perception. 

Panta Rhei. Eva shows us that everything is, and will remain, in motion. That is her desire.

She herself continues to develop by constantly taking on new challenges: working in a collective with other artists, working on commission for (interior) architects and seeking collaboration with social initiatives.